Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cardboard Heroes # 2

More favorites from my collection:

Ted Kluszewski  1957 Topps

This hulking slugger had biceps so large that they kept busting through his uniform sleeves. The Reds tried outfitting him with larger and larger uniforms but they still restricted his swing. Big Klu finally found a solution by cutting the sleeves off his uniforms.

Al Hrabosky   1981 Topps

The Mad Hungarian had the best facial hair in baseball.

Glen Hubbard  1984 Fleer

Wait. What? Why?
Glenn took accessorizing to the next level with this 8 foot boa constrictor draped around his neck.

Bobo Newsom  1952 Topps

Dumbo was already taken.

Joe Torre 1966 Topps

Joe was born with a five o’clock shadow. He actually shaved right before this picture was taken.

Joe Black  1953 Red Man

Meet Joe Black.
This card came in a pouch of tobacco.
Hey Kids - collect them all!

Don Mossi  1966 Topps

Because every Don Mossi card is beautiful.